The People of London Project

September 13, 2016

The People of London is a project conceived of fifteen years ago by Robbie Lockie. He arrived in London in 1999 and since then has never ceased to be inspired by the multitude of incredible people that he has encountered and the stories he has been told.

In 2013 Robbie and Lewis Noll, (co-founder, editor and film-maker), started creating films with the intention of exploring this plethora of people that London’s ever growing population has to offer.

The People of London project uses the power of film, podcasts and articles, to introduce you to community heroes, change makers, trail blazers and creative geniuses; people in the areas of activism and social change, art, film, culture and fashion, science, education, technology and business; in short, all that London town has to offer. 

These are outstanding humans. These are people who are standing up, sharing their passion, following their dreams, showing their love of others and telling their message to world. 

These our People of London.

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